Audience Development
Whether your title is paid (consumer or business) or controlled, QCS has the experience you need and can provide a plan customized to fit your requirements and budget. Our marketing experience covers subscription acquisitions, renewals, requalifications and more. We create comprehensive marketing plans to achieve your strategic circulation goals using multiple sales channels and methods.

• Email Marketing/Ecommerce
• Direct Mail
• Renewals
• Invoices
• Telemarketing
• Conversion from free to paid
• Social Media

We provide:
• Strategic planning for integration of social media and traditional marketing efforts
• Budget analysis and revenue forecasting
• Marketing program implementation
• Evaluations of effectiveness of current marketing efforts with recommendations for future promotions, including statistically significant testing
• Ongoing research to develop high quality list resources
• Coordination and execution of marketing efforts with response analysis and recommendations
• Coordination of customer service function with marketing programs
• Assistance with building databases
• Development of distribution systems to fit specific delivery needs

Website/ECommerce/Online Presence

QCS helps you navigate the challenging waters of Internet content and commerce.
• Opportunity audit – how your website connects to your order devices
• Recommendations on optimizing the online customer experience
• Recommendations on SEO, paid search, social media, and other online sources to drive leads
• Integration of online sources with fulfillment


redtestimonialicon“I had the good fortune to arrive at Boat International USA Magazine and find JoAnn Binz in total control of our circulation needs. She quickly became not only an invaluable resource but also a trusted advisor who’s counsel I seek on a wide range of publishing issues. Her knowledge of all aspects of magazine circulation is exceptional, followed closely by her knowledge of magazines in general. Above all, I value her positive attitude and cheerful demeanor when the going gets tough. I gladly and enthusiastically give JoAnn my highest recommendation and encourage anyone who is not satisfied with their present circulation situation to contact QCS.”

Peter Mitchel
Boat International USA