Circulation and Audience Development Outsourcing

workingovermagsQCS functions as your circulation department handling all marketing, fulfillment and audit functions. This arrangement allows you to reduce staffing costs while gaining expert help – at a price you can afford.

A complete list of services provided is determined after an initial evaluation. This evaluation provides us with the necessary background and information so we can customize our services to your needs. In general, these services include:

• Strategic planning
• Developing, executing, monitoring marketing strategies
• Preparing the annual budget and revenue projections
• Managing circulation functions
• Reporting results on regular basis
• Managing your service bureau


QCS provides a complete range of circulation audit services, including determining which audit bureau is best for you. QCS is an Associate Member of BPA and AAMC, which enables us to keep abreast of the frequent rule changes.

• Produce Publisher’s Statements
• Incorporate reporting of digital editions into audits
• Perform Mock Audits
• Liaison with AAMC/BPA/VAC
• Resolve specific/ongoing audit problems
• Provide competitive analyses
• Handle postal audits as needed


redtestimonialicon“Carole Ireland of QCS was hired as our Circulation Consultant; her work exceeded our expectations. She is professional, extremely capable, very efficient, and helped turn around a situation that could have been disastrous for our publication into a positive direction. I selected QCS from a pool of four potential candidates, and it was one of the best decisions that I made during my 40 years in the publishing field.”

Eugene Nadel
Metal Finishing